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November 9, 2012:
Jean Flops become a phenom on Yahoo and photo sharing sites.


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Jean Flops, also known as Jean Shoes or Jean Sandal Boots, have made a splash in the online world with people who either love them or hate them on sight.

An unusual new method of fashion recycling has hit the Internet with an image of bluejean flipflops that gets an instantt reaction in viewers. At first, it would seem like a clever hoax or a new trend that came from somewhere out of Europe. Jean Sandal Boots, AKA Jean Flops or Jean Shoes, have already gone viral and sparked a lot of conversation, a lot of which seems fairly negative for people who haven't even tried the things on yet. Jean Flops may be the perfect customized answer to what to do with jeans when they reach the end of their wearable lifecycle. These flops certainly get a reaction, which is never a failure when it comes to fashion design. Currently, the $150 price of the aforementioned jean boots does not appeal to the average individual, but if you are one of those people who shops in Beverly Hills or the fashion shops at Caesar's Palace, then you know that $150 is downright cheap.

Jean Flops

Of course, the trend of making shoes out of denim jeans isn't altogether new. Many top of the line sellers make high-end shoes out of recycled denim. Levi's has Red Tag shoes made out of recycled jeans, and other manufacturers make sneakers and slippers out of blue jean denim, some of which is not recycled but brand new or made out of scrap material from the factory floor.

The controversy with Jean Flops also reveals a lack of knowledge about how jeans were used when they became unwearable. Our thrifty ancestors would never have thrown away, or donated, cloth material if they could get any kind of use from it. Jeans were commonly cut into cutoffs, sewed into quilts, made into suspenders, and recycled into a number of original materials that were either  used as clothing or to keep out drafts. Jeans were sometimes even reworked into makeshift ropes. In many an Old West tale, a pair of jeans is used to help pull people up from a precipice, or to keep train cars together, or to pan for gold. Jeans are the original multipurpose item, so the idea that they can't be turned into flip flops sounds a bit like ignorance.

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Special note: At $150, you might want to wait around until the cheap knockoffs come on the market.